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About the CCCU Denomination

"As a church we unite in our basic beliefs of what the Scriptures teach. Such teachings, or doctrines, are valid only as they are based in God’s Word. No other source is an acceptable authority — no individual, any tradition, any religious writings or church dogma."

This section lists some of the topics of our shared doctrine, and is either paraphrased or stated verbatim from For a complete explanation of what the CCCU Denomination believes, please click

The Bible

The Bible is the Word of God and that it is our guide for life. The Spirit of God was at work in the writing of the Bible, ensuring that it is free from error. Through its pages, we learn about God, ourselves, and the world around us. The Bible contains the good news of salvation and the bad news of our need for it.

The Bad News

Sin is two-fold and can be defined as:

1. Willful disobedience to God's known law.

2. The evil corruption within human nature. All people, except for Christ Jesus, are sinful by nature and and sinners by practice. Every person is in need of redemption because "the wages of sin is death".

The Good News

Salvation is a free gift of grace that God offers to all who believe and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Through His death and resurrection, He has provided salvation from the guilt and penalty of sin, power of sin, and the presence of sin. He has thus provided us with a four-fold salvation:

1. Regeneration: When we first accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. We are forgiven of all sins and and baptized by the Spirit into the body of Christ.

2. Entire Sanctification: Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are cleansed from the carnal mind.

3. Growth in Grace: After Sanctification, we are able to walk in the light of Christ and live in obedience to God's will, being made more and more like Jesus.

4. Immortality: Upon death of our earthly body, we will spend eternity with Christ with an immortal body and soul.

Jesus Christ

Jesus is the second Person in the Holy Trinity, and is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit. For our redemption, He became Man. He was conceived of the Holy Ghost and was born of the Virgin Mary. He lived completely without sin. He died to save us from our sin, but arose three days later and is now ascended to heaven, where He is at the right hand of God, interceding for us. We await and look forward to the day when He returns in power and majesty to set up a millennial kingdom on earth. After and at the last, He will judge the world in righteousness.

The Holy Spirit

Also called the "Holy Ghost", He is the third person in the Trinity and is one with the Father and the Son. He is God's Agent in convicting and convincing sinners of their sin. He regenerates believing sinners, and sanctifies consecrated Christians. He magnifies Christ in the lives of believers and energizes them to live victoriously.

The Ordinances

Christ and his apostles put forth two ordinances to be practiced by His Church: Baptism with water and the Lord's Supper, or Communion. There are many different forms of water baptism and partaking in the Lord's supper, and we do not insist on one method or mode over another. Let each be fully persuaded in His own mind. These ordinances are outward symbols, teaching of the inner life, the faith, and the hope of believers.

The Church

The Church is more than one denomination and more than all of the denominations. It is composed of true believers in Jesus Christ. Christ is the Head and the Husband of the Church. Believers should meet together in local assemblies for the worship of God, for Christian fellowship, and to serve the Lord by making a positive difference in their community. The Church has been commissioned by Christ to share the gospel with all nations and peoples: it is therefore missionary.

The Lord's Day

We keep the first day of the week as the Sabbath, because Christ arose from the dead on the first day of the week. The early church, before the crucifixion of Christ, held this day in commemoration of God's finished plan of redemption. We hold this day as one for rest and worship.

The Hereafter

The Bible teaches that those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and believe in HI, shall spend an eternity with Him in a holy heaven in happiness. It also teaches that those who do not accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and die in sin shall be judges and sentenced to eternal punishment.

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